Final Cut of Music Video

April 27, 2011


The Spine

April 4, 2011

Poster Idea 1

April 4, 2011

CD Idea

April 4, 2011

Digipak Developed

April 4, 2011

Analysis of the DigiPak cover covering the ‘CD conventions’:


March 30, 2011

Oscar came in today to help us out with our video and here is what he said:

•on the bits where she is not singing defocus the background

•change the first opening shot to panning over the lights? or an overlay of space?

•at the end climax bit, where the second chorus starts, have a closeup of the mouth with an overlay of stars coming towards the screen.

•for more cutaways use shots of the environment the video is set in and use more stars.

R.I.P Kurt Cobain

Digipak Idea

March 30, 2011

Outside of the Digipak:

Inside of the Digipak:

Our ideas coming together.

Changes to Rough Cut

March 16, 2011

After doing the last of our filming, Jess and I decided to look through our rough cut in detail and decided what we want to change and where we want to add our new footage.

What needs to be changed.

  • Dance bit 0.43 – 0.45 ‘no dawn’ – Cut.
  • Walking through bit – 0.52 – 0.53 – ‘of your’
  • Dance bit – 1.05 – 1.07 – ‘try to find the sun’ Get rid of.
  • Shaky tress 1.09 – 1.11 – cut the really shaky first bit and then slow the whole shot down to make it fit.
  • Instead of 1 continuous shot at 1.21-1.24 have a couple of shots were otherwise there is no climax to the chorus.
  • Not in focus at 1.31-1.34
  • Out of sync at 1.42 ‘im always in this twilight’
  • Already singing ooh’s when shot comes in at 1.51-1.54
  • Too jolty and 2.00-2.03
  • Repeated shot at 2.33-2.35 – could maybe change this to a projection when a bright star shines on J’s face.
  • Get rid of shots at 3.02-3.04 and replace.
  • Too shaky and 3.18
  • Dance bit-3.25 – 3.26 – Cut.
  • Swap first two ooh ooh’s at 2.30 or replace 2nd one to a projection.

Projection Filming

March 16, 2011

Today we filmed for the missing parts of our music video using a projection on a white board with Jordana singing in front of it. As we were using a projection image as the cover of our CD it was vital the filming went to plan. In order for the projection’s to fit in with the rest of our video making the continuity persistant we had to use projections that fit in with the theme. We decided to choose pictures and moving images of Stars to relate to the fairy lights we use and also to fit in with the lyrics of the song. We also used projections of a forest to match the location of our video.

Here are two of the projections we used which we think fit in nicely with the overall theme of the music video. After filming we looked through the footage and were really please with the result as the shots looked really proffesional and we’re really looking forward to the editing process and fitting in the shots for our second rough cut.

Shooting Experience

March 16, 2011

The day started Jordana and I going to Jess’ house which is the location we had agreed on filming at. We started to get Jordana ready with Jess’ sister, Katie, doing her hair, and myself doing her make-up, while Jess sorted out the camera and the tri-pod. Jordana got dressed into the first costume and we went over the field at the back of my garden to film. We walked over to the forest bit and started filming. It was a lovely day to film as it was bright and didn’t rain, and because we all knew what we were doing the filming process was very easy. We made three costumes changes over the forest filming and each time Jess and I took it in turn to film.

We then went to Argos to buy the fairy lights for the bridge section. When we got them up and working we went to my house to film this part of the song. We laid Jordana on a black towel and put the fairy lights all around her head. Because it was very dark on the camera, when we turned off all the lights, we shone a lights on Jordana’s face to brighten the whole thing up  which worked really well.

All of this made up all of our filming for that day and we had planned to do some more at school in front of a projector but as we didn’t have access to the school we thought we would try and get a rough cut up without this footage. When Jess and I edited the footage we found that we didn’t really need the last footage so are still questioning whether to do it or not.

Overall, both Jess and I enjoyed the experience of shooting our music video, and are both looking forward to seeing the finished product.